Titley Society

SCORE supporter John H. Titley made a bequest to the SCORE Association in 2001. This planned gift launched the legacy of philanthropy for SCORE and the formation of The SCORE Foundation.

Titley volunteered for the Medford, Oregon chapter of SCORE “Counselors to America’s Small Business” for more than 20 years. During his tenure, he volunteered as a counselor, chapter leader and SCORE Association Board Director and then president in 1987.In the introduction to the book A SCORE History: The Story of 25 Years of Volunteer Service, Titley describes SCORE volunteers as the men and women that make a difference.

The Titley Society Membership Roll

The John & Edith Titley Society honors donors of planned gifts. A planned gift is a pledge or charitable contribution made as part of an individual’s estate planning.

To become a member of the Titley Society through a gift to SCORE in your will, estate or life-income instrument, please contact Resa Kierstein at 703-593-3634.

John & Edith Titley Society Members

Anonymous (3)* Claude Hagelberg Bobbi Kindred
Herb Ausderau* Dick Hannis* Joseph Oppenheimer
Christine Banning* Jan Hannis Betty Otte
Patrice Barnes Sue Hartman* Roger Otte
Sandy Britt* Elaine Holtzman Norman Paige
Duncan Brown* Michael Holtzman Donald Patience
Nancy Brown Jerry Jensen Dick Priest*
Louis Campanelli Devin Jopp Karen Priest*
John Carden Bobbi Kindred James Pyles*
SivewrightCarden Doug Kindred VerneasePyles*
Marjorie Christiansen* Edith Kopelcheck* Alvin Roselin
Gene Cowen Richard F. Leslie* Arnold Sandness
Phyllis Cowen Barbara Lippard Alan Simon
Martha Davidson Lynne-Anne Lombardi* Mel Spiegelman*
Richard Davidson Douglas Martin Bob St. Angelo
Rose D’Alessandro* Ronnie McClure* Dorothy St. Angelo
Patty DeDominic* Mike Mendez Marilyn Tam
Mark Dobosz* Stephanie Mendez Edith Titley*
Stephany Dobosz Billie Moreland John Titley*
Niels H. Fischer* Cyntia Mottle Carl Trautmann*
Edie Fraser Ellwyn& Marjorie Nellis* Joe Wollenberger*
Kasey Freesland Ellwyn& Marjorie Nellis* Alicia Yancey
Roz Goldmacher* Greg Nelson Kenneth Yancey, Jr.
Kristine Gabel Keith Ogata Chuck Zellner

(as of March 2011)
*Designates Charter Member

The John & Edith Titley Society is an honorary society that recognizes charitable donors of planned gifts. Each year the society hosts an annual reception to recognize these legacy donors and provide an update to SCORE’s stratgeic direction. Nearly $3,000,000 in expectancies has already been committed by the current members.

Contact Jessica Pisano at Jessica.pisano@score.org for info about Titley Society and planned giving.

By philanthropically investing in SCORE, you will be supporting SCORE in its outreach to America’s small businesses. Together, we are making a difference!